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Moscow’s recent actions in Crimea will affect world politics for years. The aftershocks will be felt not just in Europe but in Asia as well. Contemplating Russia’s annexation of Crimea, experts have lamented the impact on international law, the perceived weakness of the US and its allies, and the lessons that countries like China may learn regarding the cost of unilateral action. In the Northeast Asian context, one problem that could be analogous to the Ukrainian crisis would be the sudden and complete collapse of the DPRK regime and military intervention by China. This would cause such a breakdown of political, military, economic and/or social fabric that a mere change of government would not fix the situation.

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Lisa Collins
Lisa Collins

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리사 콜린스는 오하이오주 오벨린대학교(Oberlin College)에서 정치학사(동아시아 학과)를 마치고 미국 뉴멕시코주 법학대학원(University of New Mexico School of Law)에서 법학석사 학위(Juris Doctor)를 취득했다. 석사 과정을 마치고 2년 동안 하와이대학교와 고려대학교를 다녔으며 한국과 관련된 장학금 프로그램인 Korean Language Flagship Program을 수료했다.